CROWN CASINO, MELBOURNE  The sprawling Crown casino and resort on the banks of river Yarra in Melbourne is truly a haven for connoisseurs of food, music, and theatre. With so many more fascinating and indulging options available in addition to gambling, the colossal Crown casino and entertainment complex is considered the largest casino complex in the Southern hemisphere.


Founded by businessman Llyod Williams, the Crown is now part of the Packer family that owns Australia’s largest gaming and entertainment conglomerate. The glamorous and plush casino opened its doors in the 90s, initially on the north bank of Yarra, and later moved to the lively South bank area where the striking skyscraper is one of the delightful and prominent landmarks.

With impeccable patronage and flawless hospitality, high-profile politicians and celebrities are frequent visitors of the casino and the encompassing multiple luxurious hotel towers.

Restrictions & Dress Code

Towering over the South bank, the only casino in Melbourne, the Crown is committed to the philosophy of responsible gaming. In their line of business, they practice and promote several gaming initiatives directed at ensuring that customers make responsible and rational decisions and have even set up a Responsible Gaming Centre.

The management strictly adheres to a minimum age policy, restricting entry to those below the age of 18 years, in their gaming arenas.

The impressive high-end waterfront casino that welcomes some of the most elite crowd from across the world has defined dress codes, requiring their visitors to be dressed in smart casuals at all times.

Popular Games & Attractions

The Crown casino has countless captivating table games for visitors to try their luck at and includes Caribbean Stud, Casino Wars, Craps, Poker, Pai Gow, Roulette to name a few, besides a unique range of fully automated virtual table games. With an exclusive and ritzy Poker Room and offerings of private Poker packages, it is the venue to the highly anticipated annual Australian Poker Championship, usually referred to as the Aussie Millions tournament, one among the richest poker events.

An idyllic spot for an extravagant getaway, the Crown casino is teeming with an exciting array of activities with the finest options for shopping, dining, spas, movies, bars, gaming, and enthralling events, all in the lap of supreme luxury. The dining selections deserve a special mention and will be spoilt for choices with the multitude of cuisines to explore.

One of the largest casinos in the world, this star attraction of Melbourne, the Crown is much more than a casino and guarantees an unparalleled and remarkable experience.

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