BELLAGIO CASINO RESORT, LAS VEGAS Think casino, think Bellagio! Such is the fame of the magnificent Bellagio hotel and casino resort situated on the renowned Vegas Strip in Sin City. The casino packed with breathtaking attractions also houses one of the largest and magnificent fountains in the world.


Bellagio was envisioned by the Vegas Mogul Steve Wynn, who was inspired by its eponymous Italian town. He along with Atlandia Design oversaw the designing and construction of the property. The mega-casino resort opened in 1998 and was built in the place of the iconic Dunes hotel and casino, after its demolition.

Initially owned by MGM Resorts, the Bellagio was sold to the Blackstone group, though the former continues to operate the resort on lease.

Restrictions & Dress Code

The exceedingly professional management of the Bellagio has a strict minimum age policy to access the gaming areas of the casino. Only those above the age of 21 years are allowed near the gaming tables.

Most of the Las Vegas casinos have no precise dress codes. However, classy, sophisticated, or smart casuals are highly advisable when visiting an extravagant and refined entertainment hub like the Bellagio.

Popular Games & Attractions

One of the striking attractions in Bellagio is the scintillating music choreographed water fountains (Fountains of Bellagio) amid a vast artificial lake. The magnificent light and music aqua show transpire several times a day. Yet another attraction is the in-house Conservatory and Botanical gardens in the resort that is open to the public. Bellagio is also home to exquisite and invaluable art collections from around the world, several of them loaned from museums and private collections. Moreover, the ornate interiors and hand-blown-floral glass ceilings by Dale Chihuly are a marvelous treat to the eyes.

Bellagio is no stranger to Hollywood, being featured in several popular movies and frequented by high-profile celebrities. Performances by famous musicians and exhilarating events are an everyday affair at the Bellagio.

One of the most elegant and largest casinos in Nevada, the gaming area is about 156,000 square feet, attracts prominent high rollers from across the world. With plush private gaming rooms and over 200 exciting table games, the casino also draws professional poker players.

Dining at the casino resort is also an opulent experience with innumerable fine dining restaurants serving some of the best cuisines.

The epitome of luxury and entertainment, Bellagio is the perfect ticket to experience a surreal getaway.

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