Keno If you like to play lottery-style gambling games that are a bit different in terms of their rules, then you might enjoy taking part in Keno. Keno has been around for a long time, with its history likely coming from China. It is a game that involves you placing a wager based on a number that ranges from 1 up to 80.

The Rules of the Game

To start off with, you are asked to make a wager that will take a number from 1 to 80. All of the players taking part will then choose their chosen figure, and then a series of 20 numbers are drawn entirely at random. This is usually done with a lottery machine or a random number generation tool. The player than has the chance to win so long as the number(s) that they have chosen are on the list of 20 which are pulled out of the bag.

The payout that you get will be determined almost entirely by the pay table that comes with the location that you are playing Keno at. Typically, you will be given a payout depending on the number of numbers that were chosen, and the number of matches that were available, as well as the wager that was placed in the first place.

Keno is pretty much in favour of the house, though, given that a large quantity of the numbers you can select are not actually present on the final count. Indeed, house edge can be anything from the average of 4% to a much higher 30% plus in some locations. As a non-slot game, though, the typical house edge is going to stick around 5%.

Given the simplicity and ease of play, though, Keno has many fans who enjoy how quick and easy it is to play a round of this highly popular game.

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