Craps While the name might not make it sound very good, Craps is easily among the most popular games in the world. It has a huge history of being played, with people happy to bet small and huge sums on the luck of the dice. Built around the simple act of the outcome of a roll of dice, you will be able to simply see the results based on nothing more than what the dice bring up for you.

The Rules of the Game

It’s for these various reasons that we recommend you take a look at the craps game and its rules. You start off by placing a bet of chips on the pass line on the layout of the craps table. You might simply choose to bet on one singular number, or you might choose to bet on either winning or losing a particular roll. You might even wish to place a bet by waiting until the shooter is about to roll a target number, and then hope that the shooter can make that same number again.

It’s a confusing little game to play, but it is by no means impossible to play once you get used to its rather quirky nature. Each area on a craps table gives you a different kind of bet that you can place – if your chips are on a pass line, for example, you are playing on a pass bet which is a wager covering more than one roll. If your chips are on a box that shows little dice, though, you will make a singular roll trying to hit a number of 11.

Craps is often a bit different everywhere you play the game, so it’s better to quickly look to clarify the rules and the table layout before you commit to playing a round of craps.

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