Big Six Wheel

Big Six Wheel If you are someone who enjoys a game of chance that comes with a pretty loaded edge to one side, then try out the Big Six Wheel. This game has become very popular as many people know it was the Wheel of Fortune, the popular game show. A large vertical wheel is going to be spun, and with this you are then looking for the wheel to land on the right section.

The Rules of the Game

So, the rules of the game can seem quite confusing if you are new to this kind of gaming experience. Typically, you will find that the wheel is going to be divided into various equal segments, and then each segment is given a number to be associated with. The wheel is then spun by the dealer and the person who is betting has to say what segment they believe that the wheel is going to land on.

There is a large pointer at the top, and whatever winds up being placed at the top within the pointer is going to be seen as the deciding number. This also works as a means to slow the wheel down, as the piece of rubber or leather will slowly but surely catch the wheel and begin to gradually slow the thing down.

The segment at the top is going to be the winning segment, so keep that in mind as you spin the wheel. You will be asked to choose a winning segment, the wheel is spun, and then you simply need to see what part of the board it is going to land upon.

This is a fun, thrilling little game that can lead to lots of big wins in the right circumstance. The main benefit of the Big Six Wheel, though, is the simplicity; choose a number, spin, and play!

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