SALZBURG CASINO, AUSTRIA  Salzburg, one of the renowned cities in Austria, is famous not just for its rich history, art and culture or as the birthplace of eminent musician Mozart. The festival city of Salzburg with its pristine Alpine surroundings has one of the most beautiful casinos, the Casino Salzburg.


One among the oldest casinos in Austria, Casino Salzburg, owned and operated by Casinos Austria International, became operational in 1934 in Schloss Mirabell. A couple of years later during the Second World War, they had to briefly shut the doors and reopened only in 1950. Expanding operations subsequently after a few decades, the casino relocated to the premises of the magnificent Baroque-style Castle Klessheim (Schloss Klessheim).

Restrictions & Dress Code

An entertainment and gaming hub, the palatial casino imposes a strict minimum age policy, admitting those only above the age of 18 years in their prestigious gaming areas.

The glitzy casino thronging with visitors round the year does not mandate a formal dress code, though the guests are expected to be in suitable clothing. Fridays and Saturdays when the casino is more lively and has some high stakes rolling, the management prefers the patrons to be in “smart casual” evening outfits. Some of their recommended attires include suits, blazers, cocktail dresses, smart jeans, polo shirts, and the likes. The management also strictly advises against shorts, flip flops, sandals, gym wears, ripped clothing, and caps.

Popular Games & Attractions

Casino Salzburg has patrons from far and near frequenting the place to experience leisure and pleasure in the lap of supreme luxury and elegance. With numerous fine dining options to choose from, the beautiful casino is a true blend of modern gaming and royal hospitality. There are unique VIP packages crafted by the casino to provide exclusive and marvelous entertainment to the guests.

No matter if you are a seasoned gamer or a novice, the endless and enticing table games at the casino is sure to keep you engrossed all night long. Some of the popular games here are American Roulette, Blackjack, Macau Baccarat, and Poker. With options to enjoy the impressive games in the open air, the casino also hosts weekly poker tournaments.

At Casino Salzburg, one can experience world-class entertainment and enjoy an extensive range of thrilling games, in the company of the best croupiers, savoring fine culinary delights.


Baccarat  Looking for a game to play that is easy to easy to learn but hard to master? Then you might wish to give Baccarat a try. This particular game has become very popular with people who are looking for something a bit different to play. The rules are quite simple but they can seem confusing if you have never played the game before in the first place.

Like many other card-based games, it comes down to where you are playing as much as anything else. That has a pretty significant bearing on the rules that you are playing with.

The Rules of the Game

Typically, though, the rules of baccarat can be quite easy to get to grips with. A dealer will take two cards and place them face-up, with two cards per person – player and banker – handed out. Then, the hand which has the closest total to 9 is the victor – if you bet on the hand of the person who is closest to 9, then the winnings are double of what you placed in the original bet in the first place.

However, if either player or banker is given a total of eight or nine for their card, then both the player and the bank will stand. If your total as the player is five or less, though, then you will receive another card or you will stand. If somehow you manage to see one of the rare games where a tie takes place, and you have bet on a tie, then you will see a payout as high as 8-to-1.

It can be a hard game to follow at first, but so long as you realise that you are essentially gambling on someone getting a good hand you can start to understand why baccarat is so fun and so addictive for most casino gamers.