EMPIRE CASINO, UK  The biggest casino in London and situated in Leicester Square, the Empire is a Vegas-style vibrant and flashy casino offering the best of neoteric gaming experience in the UK.


One of the largest casinos in Europe, the casino at the Empire is owned and managed by the renowned syndicate, Caesar Entertainment and is more than a century old.

Initially a ballroom and cinema, space was revamped into a deluxe casino and open to the public in 2007. With no exclusive membership required to enjoy the immaculate hospitality and entertainment services, the Empire is undoubtedly one of the liveliest and busiest casinos in the UK.

Restrictions & Dress Code

Frequented by some of London’s high profile customers, the casino provides access to anyone above the legal age of 18 years and insists on smart casual outfits as a dress code in the establishment.

Popular Games & Attractions

Located at London’s iconic West End, the plush casino has commendable hospitality and innumerable gaming options to keep you entertained all day long. Boasting one of the best Poker facilities in the city, the casino has daily tournaments and exclusive tables reserved for the game. Patrons here are also offered a chance to gain intensive training from the dealers and participate in their tournaments and thereby providing a unique and exclusive ‘Poker Experience’.

Unlike several other swanky casinos, the Empire does not have in-house lodging or hotel facilities and is not very upbeat about hosting live shows. But that does nothing to stop visitors from thronging in all the year-round, trying to please the lady luck with some of the popular games like American Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, Three Card Poker, and Pai Gow Tiles, in addition to the countless slot machines and electronic roulette.

The Empire also includes an exclusive and dedicated gaming area for the high rollers, the Dragon Lounge, which is famous for its deluxe dining options and luxurious hospitality.

The visitors of the casino also have the opportunity to explore some of the best cuisines and fine diners, especially Asian ones, and grab drinks from the several bars in the Empire. What’s even more unique about the casino is the ‘Cocktail Masterclass’ session available with expert in-house mixologists who can teach you how to mix and shake your version of cocktails.

To experience the real casino feel in the UK, look no further than the Empire that will set the mood right for unparalleled entertainment.


CASINO LISBOA, PORTUGAL  Besides the serene Tagus River in the capital city of Lisbon, Portugal, stands the striking glass-clad Casino Lisboa, an avant-garde recreational and gaming space. An unprecedented landmark in the city, located at the Park of Nations (Parque das Nações), the casino is a melting pot of culture, entertainment, and haute cuisine, truly an epicurean’s delight.


With two sister casinos in the city, Lisboa, owned by Estoril-Sol, began operations in 2006 at the former Pavilion of Future (built as part of World Expo 1998). The alluring architecture of the casino has been an integral part of its fame all the while offering an extensive range of entertainment and gaming possibilities in the central tourist part of the city.

Restrictions & Dress Code

The impressive casino that welcomes patrons from across the globe has restricted access to those only above the age of 18 years and also requires valid identification to gain admittance to the gambling areas. In addition to ensuring an entertaining and amenable spirit at the gaming tables, the management of Lisboa has implemented stringent measures to promote responsible gaming including options for voluntary self-ban.

An ideal getaway sanctuary, the prominent casino features numerous amusing and refreshing entertainment options and insists that its visitors be appropriately dressed and avoids overtly casual clothing like shorts in the gaming halls.

Popular Games & Attractions

A stone’s throw away from the Lisbon airport, the casino is strategically located, with easy access to the major parts of the city. Offering the best selection of bars, restaurants, and lounges to compete with its next-level slot machines and table games, Lisboa is one of the largest hotel-casinos in Europe.

A favorite spot among locals and tourists alike, the upscale casino is thronging with visitors round the year. The sprawling recreational complex has about 165,000 square feet of pure gaming, dining, and deluxe accommodation options complete with a posh lounge and an impressive auditorium famous for its raging events.

The most happening casino in Portugal, Lisboa has 1000+ slot machines for amusement and some of their popular table games include Roulette, Blackjack, French Bank, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Baccarat.

Fortunes won or lost, situated in the unlikeliest of places, Portugal, Casino Lisboa, with a beautiful view of the Atlantic and the Tagus, is sure to exceed the expectations of its visitors with their amazing hospitality, decadent food, and fascinating choice of entertainment options.

5 Card Draw

5 Card Draw  With so many card games out there, it sure can be tough to keep up with all of the various rules out there today. It can become confusing, which is why many people tend to make their life less stressful by instead playing with the 5 Card Draw system. This is one of the easiest forms of poker out there that you could play, and should be the perfect starting place for most players.

While more common at home and in pubs than it is in a casino, 5-card draw is a classic that many older players will remember.

The Rules of the Game

The rules of 5 card draw are pretty basic; it follows the same kind of card setup as games like Texas Hold ‘em, with things like flushes, Full House, x-of-a-kind, pairs, and high cards. Basically, you will be given a set number of cards and you will also have a set of cards which are laid out on the table for all players to see. You then need to make up the best combination that you can using the cards on the table.

This might mean combining suits, faces, or number combinations to make something that can beat the other bettors. All players will typically pay an ante before they get their cards, or you will play with a small and big blind system where one player has to deposit X amount per round to the pot.

The rules are quite simple; you are given a card to start with, you are then given more cards, and cards are put on the table for everyone to use. You then go from player to player, giving each person the chance to make their own bet – usually based on the confidence they have with the cards present in their hand.

Take your time, play by the rules, and have fun – that’s the secret to 5 Card Draw. Oh, and find out what an Ace is valued at – each game is different!