BADEN-BADEN CASINO, GERMANY Welcoming visitors for over 200 years, the renowned Baden-Baden casino with rich Parisian roots and unparalleled old-world charm, aims to provide a superior and magnificent experience that combines pleasure and leisure. It flaunts tradition and grandeur. This quaint place provides an opportunity to get entertained, pampered, socialize, and dine in ultimate luxury under a roof.


Eponymous with the area that takes its name from ‘bathing’ at the many natural hot springs in the locale, the Baden-Baden casino, with its opulently decked halls, is one of the most beautiful and grandeur casinos in the world. The regal chandelier-lit halls, which reminds one of the French palaces, have the legacy of centuries of history, not to mention the beautiful paintings and sculptures that adorn them.

Echoing glitz and glamour, the casino also boasts world-class hospitality and service along with highly advanced security and surveillance systems irrespective of being one of the oldest casinos in the world and its ancient structure.

Restrictions & Dress Code

Doubling up as an entertainment and rejuvenating spot, the archaic palatial casino practices responsible gaming, imposing strict minimum age restrictions (above 21 years) as well as requiring a valid legal identification proof to access the prestigious gaming areas.

The casino gaming areas also mandate a precise formal dress code, leaning towards a jacket and tie. For the unprepared, formal attires are available on rent on-site to try their luck at the gaming halls.

Popular Games & Attractions

Even if you are no high roller, you could still try your hand at some of the classic and popular games of the casino that includes Roulette, Black Jack, and Poker, not to mention the modern slot machines.

Performances by famous bands and musicians are a commonplace thing at Baden-Baden that is well frequented by the elite and noble crowd but has its doors open to all visitors (subject to age and identification restrictions) from across the world.

The building that houses the casino, the Kurhaus, is a lavish and striking architectural marvel, with an expansive lush green park that invites one for a nature stroll.

Complete with guided tours, an impressive in-house club, exquisite fine dining areas, and enthralling events, the Baden-Baden casino in Germany is truly a paradise even for incipient visitors. It guarantees an out-of-the-world and memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime.


CASINO DE MONTE CARLO, MONACO Casino De Monte Carlo is an iconic gaming and luxurious entertainment destination in the tiny nation of Monaco, located on the French Riviera. A prominent landmark of the country, the casino, situated in Monte Carlo, welcomes seasoned players and newbies alike into the alluring world of professional gaming.


The emblematic casino was built in 1893 by the world-renowned architect Charles Garnier, as envisioned by its founder François Blanc. The casino architecture is reminiscent of La Belle Epoque with its marble-paved atrium, magnificent ivory columns, fascinating sculptures, and Bohemian chandeliers.

The casino epitomizes everything Monaco and offers to the visitors world-class hospitality and service and employs the finest croupiers to ensure the best of the game.

Restrictions & Dress Code

To gain admission into the casino the visitors have to be over the age of 18 years and present valid photo identification.

Though the management does not mandate a specific dress code, the visitors are expected to be clad in a ‘proper attire’ at all times in the gaming areas. Leaning towards a jacket and smart casuals during the evening, those in flip flops, sports shoes, swimwear, shorts, etc. are denied access.

Popular Games & Attractions

Monaco, dubbed rightly as the ‘Billionaires’ Playground’, is home to some of the world’s wealthiest and has its fair share of luxurious and glamorous casinos and events. The flamboyant Casino de Monte Carlo has evolved over the years and is constantly reinventing itself to appeal to its growing number of visitors.

The gaming rooms in the legendary casino features innumerable sculptures and paintings and have unique gaming tables that are crafted by skilled artisans. Some of the exclusive table games here include the French Roulette, Trente et Quarante, Baccarat, Black Jack, and Poker Texas Hold’em Ultimate. To try and win the lady luck and for pure entertainment, the casino also has countless modern slot machines.

The casino, being at the epicenter of an affluent nation, has been a venue for numerous prestigious events, concerts, and ballets along with being one of the world’s favored luxury holiday destinations. High rollers and occasional players frequent the casino that manifests refinement and sophistication to experience the perfect combination of entertainment and gaming. With deluxe lounges, extravagant gourmet restaurants, impressive art installations, unique decor, and impressive events, Casino de Monte Carlo offers much more than gaming.


CASINO DE CHARLEVOIX, CANADA With endless possibilities to rejuvenate, the striking Casino de Charlevoix, with its enchanting chateau-style architecture is reminiscent of the French Renaissance. It is nestled on the river cliff in the scenic La Malbaie village of Quebec. It offers a panoramic view of the river and the mountain ranges to the visitors, the state-of-the-art casino is one of the major attractions of the province.


The casino begun operations in the 90s, the quaint casino adjoins another attractive and prominent landmark, the historic hotel Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu. It’s also the first of Quebec’s casinos to be attached to a hotel, providing superior and unprecedented hospitality and delightful entertainment options to their visitors.

Restrictions & Dress Code

Being one of the most reputed and premier casinos, the Charlevoix has certain restrictions in place to ensure an affable and urbane experience for its patrons. They have a minimum age policy of 18 years and require valid identification proof to access the gaming arcades.

The management believes in responsible gaming and has developed and implemented the best practices to ensure low-risk gambling and prevent addictive gambling behavior in their customers. What is even more singular about the casinos in Quebec is that, apart from offering concrete awareness about rational gaming, Loto-Québec has a ‘Self-exclusion’ program, where customers can register themselves to be voluntarily denied access to gaming areas or even casinos for a definite period.

The iconic casino is also unique in its way, merely demanding its customers to be dressed appropriately. This allows them to wear casual outfits in their gaming arenas but strictly forbids clothing attires that are associated with violent groups or depicting violence.

Popular Games & Attractions

Overlooking the pristine Saint Lawrence River, Casino de Charlevoix offers an impressive range of gripping games for visitors to try their luck at. With an extensive range of slot machines and engaging multigame stations, some of the popular games here include Baccarat, Black Jack, Poker, Roulette, and Keno.

Not that one needs anymore cajoling to visit the casino with its spectacular and breathtaking views. The visitors have innumerable entertainment options from gaming to restaurants and bars to glitzy events that include music shows.

Adorned with exquisite artworks from the Loto-Québec Art Collection, the glitzy yet cozy casino along with the luxurious Fairmont has so much more to offer to visitors looking for the perfect getaway.


CASINO DE IBIZA, SPAIN The culmination of luxury entertainment and Epicureanism, Casino de Ibiza, located at the Ibiza Gran Hotel is a true Spanish delight.


The old island town of Ibiza, which translates to ‘party till you drop’ is considered Europe’s hub of nightlife and celebrations. With beautiful beaches, extravagant resorts, adventurous water sports, countless restaurants and bars, visitors flock in all year round to try their luck at the night casino. Envisioned by restaurateurs Albert and Ferran Adrià and the owner of Cirque du Soleil are said to be the dynamic forces behind the casino that is a part of one of the prominent deluxe hotels of the town.

Restrictions & Dress Code

Guaranteed impeccable hospitality and addictive gaming options, the casino management practices responsible gaming and imposes certain restrictions concerning access, usage, and dress code, to ensure a cordial and sophisticated environment in the casino.

With a minimum age policy of 18 years to access the gaming areas, entry is also restricted to anyone subject to the casino gaming regulations of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands (CAIB). The management also restricts access to those under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The usages of mobile phones at the gaming tables are also strictly banned.

The casino also has a precise dress code and denies access to those in outfits like beachwear.

Popular Games & Attractions

A getaway to a sublime island with magnificent entertainment possibilities, Casino de Ibiza will have the visitors always come back for more. Ideal for novices and experts alike, the casino offers indulgent games like American Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, and the likes. The place is also equipped with innumerable engaging state-of-the-art slot machines and electronic Roulette including an exclusive VIP Slot area and Poker Room to roll some high bets.

Another attractive feature about Casino de Ibiza is the decadent and elite fine dining options presenting flavors from around the world and the glitzy cocktail bars available for the visitors within the casino zone.

The interior design and striking art of the casino have been inspired by Ibiza and are modeled in a luxurious and contemporary way to reflect the island’s tradition and culture.

With a serene view of the luxury marinas, pristine beaches, indulgent spas, and access to explore an array of diners and cuisines, Casino de Ibiza is the ticket to a perfectly refreshing and entertaining vacation.