PARK HYATT CASINO, MENDOZA Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel Casino & Spa gives you a chance to pursue lady luck in the lap of luxury at one of the finest five-star hotels in South America. Located in Argentina’s wine capital, Mendoza, the casino is one of the most invigorating and surreal entertainment destinations.


The luxury casino property that features a regal French neoclassical façade is situated close to the foothills of the Andes among the picturesque expanse of the vineyards. The upscale hotel that comprises the casino inhabits the former Plaza hotel with an archaic colonial exterior and luxurious contemporary interior.

Restrictions & Dress Code

Park Hyatt, being an extravagant international hotel property and casino, well frequented by an elite clientele, the magnificent gaming arena imposes minimum age restriction. The management also mandates valid identification proof.

One among the major attractions of the city, the casino does not specify a precise dress code in their gaming and entertainment area and yet smart casuals are expected.

Popular Games & Attractions

The visitors flock to Park Hyatt Mendoza casino to experience the thrill of the game and exquisite hospitality along with the hope of relishing tantalizing gourmet and rich wines. Among the wide array of games at the casino, the most popular table games are Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Roulette, and Mini Punto Banco. There are numerous addictive slot machines for the novice and for those looking to play purely for entertainment. The skilled croupiers at the gaming arenas ensure the utmost comfort for the customers, providing them the enticing them with their know-how.

The hotel property that houses the casino also includes some of the finest restaurants serving out-of-the-world flavors, glitzy bars, and plush lounges in addition to relaxing spas.

Imagine a day filled with savoring some of the finest quality wines in the world and ending it with a perfectly lucky night at the casino. An idyllic getaway to experience leisure and pleasure, a trip to Park Hyatt Mendoza hotel casino & spa will truly be one of the most lucrative and scenic vacations.


CITY OF DREAMS, MACAU Designed by Dame Zaha Hadid herself, and located in the flashy nucleus of Cotai, Macau, City of Dreams is a lavish and contemporary casino resort. Screaming action and liveliness, this luxury playground presents endless gaming and thrilling recreational opportunities.


One of the largest casinos in the world, City of Dreams, began operations in 2009 and since then has offered not just next-level gaming and entertainment experience but a complete sensory overload to its visitors. Owned by Melco Crown Entertainment, it’s located adjacent to the iconic Venetian Macao, reinforcing the fact that Macau offers nothing less than Las Vegas when it comes to enticing gaming and extravagant leisure possibilities.

Restrictions & Dress Code

Macau in general has a blanket age policy, restricting access to those below the age of 21 years in their casino gaming zones.

The upscale casino that is well frequented by high rollers and high profile VIPs ensures that all its visitors are dressed in smart or business casuals at all times and has zero tolerance to attires like shorts.

Popular Games & Attractions

A favorite spot among singles, couples, and families alike, City of Dreams, true to its name has been successful in fashioning an ethereal and exquisite luxury entertainment facility coupled with supreme hospitality and service in the very heart of Macau.

Gaming facilities at the casinos in Macau have always been top-notch and City of Dreams is no exception. Armored with three casinos, 1500+ thrilling gaming machines, and over 400 table games to try your luck, the mega entertainment facility that is about 420,000 square feet offers the best in town concerning luxury recreation.

The expansive and deluxe casino complex comprising of five towers has a contemporary discotheque theme and is complete with luxury hotels like Grand Hyatt Macau and the striking Morpheus, high-end shopping avenues (The Boulevard), extravagant spas, and flamboyant fine dining options. The facility also offers a huge designated entertainment area filled with exciting indoor and outdoor activities for children of all ages.

One of the most iconic casinos in the world and flagship property of Melco, City of Dreams hosts a one of a kind enthralling aqua show called the House of Dancing Water and a unique light and sound show, The Dragon’s Treasure. In every accord, a sensory overload, the dazzling casino with its recreational facilities and commendable service, to captivating events and flashy interiors is sure to guarantee the perfect vacation in Macau.


GROSVENOR VICTORIA, LONDON Nicknamed ‘the Vic’, the iconic Grosvenor Victoria Casino, located in the heart of London city, is one of the busiest and oldest casinos in the UK.


A landmark on the streets of Victoria, the casino belongs to the UK-based Grosvenor chain of casinos. For the locals and tourists alike, the Vic represents the glory and charm of old London and its traditional ways of gaming. The casino became popular in the 60s and ever since then has been popular among gaming enthusiasts in the country. The Vic underwent a quick renovation in the early 2000 and expanded to add room more appealing games.


A contemporary casino with old-world charm, the Vic is regulated by the Gambling Commission of the UK and practices responsible gaming. The casino strictly restricts access to those below the age of 18 years.

Popular Games & Attractions

The round the clock casino is situated right beneath the legendary Poker Room, one of the largest and epochal poker rooms in Europe.

A perfect blend of refinement and elan, Vic’s gaming area has some of the popular traditional casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Dice. In addition to the classic ones, there are numerous other exciting table games like Punto Banco. The patrons of the casino can also try their luck at the many jackpot slot machines and electronic roulette.

The Poker Room is a fabulous setting that offers over 30 exclusive poker tables and daily cash games. It’s also the venue to GUKPT, one of the largest and prominent poker tournaments in Europe.

With a wide array of attractive entertainment options, the casino also lets you experience gaming on the open terrace with an incredible view of the London skyline. The Grosvenor Victoria casino also has a private club room in addition to an upscale dining lounge and a plush bar to complete the gaming experience.

A remarkable landmark in London, the casino hosts regular tournaments and poker events that are becoming increasingly popular. What’s more singular is that the Vic also conducts exclusive sessions for novice gamers apart from offering a complete casino experience without any frills.

One of the very few casinos in the UK that offer free memberships, the Vic is unmistakably the place to be to enjoy a night of impressive games.


BELLAGIO CASINO RESORT, LAS VEGAS Think casino, think Bellagio! Such is the fame of the magnificent Bellagio hotel and casino resort situated on the renowned Vegas Strip in Sin City. The casino packed with breathtaking attractions also houses one of the largest and magnificent fountains in the world.


Bellagio was envisioned by the Vegas Mogul Steve Wynn, who was inspired by its eponymous Italian town. He along with Atlandia Design oversaw the designing and construction of the property. The mega-casino resort opened in 1998 and was built in the place of the iconic Dunes hotel and casino, after its demolition.

Initially owned by MGM Resorts, the Bellagio was sold to the Blackstone group, though the former continues to operate the resort on lease.

Restrictions & Dress Code

The exceedingly professional management of the Bellagio has a strict minimum age policy to access the gaming areas of the casino. Only those above the age of 21 years are allowed near the gaming tables.

Most of the Las Vegas casinos have no precise dress codes. However, classy, sophisticated, or smart casuals are highly advisable when visiting an extravagant and refined entertainment hub like the Bellagio.

Popular Games & Attractions

One of the striking attractions in Bellagio is the scintillating music choreographed water fountains (Fountains of Bellagio) amid a vast artificial lake. The magnificent light and music aqua show transpire several times a day. Yet another attraction is the in-house Conservatory and Botanical gardens in the resort that is open to the public. Bellagio is also home to exquisite and invaluable art collections from around the world, several of them loaned from museums and private collections. Moreover, the ornate interiors and hand-blown-floral glass ceilings by Dale Chihuly are a marvelous treat to the eyes.

Bellagio is no stranger to Hollywood, being featured in several popular movies and frequented by high-profile celebrities. Performances by famous musicians and exhilarating events are an everyday affair at the Bellagio.

One of the most elegant and largest casinos in Nevada, the gaming area is about 156,000 square feet, attracts prominent high rollers from across the world. With plush private gaming rooms and over 200 exciting table games, the casino also draws professional poker players.

Dining at the casino resort is also an opulent experience with innumerable fine dining restaurants serving some of the best cuisines.

The epitome of luxury and entertainment, Bellagio is the perfect ticket to experience a surreal getaway.