Bingo  Out of all of the games of chance in the world, few are as fun yet fantastically simple as Bingo. Bingo has become a great choice for many people who want to avoid excess strategy. Instead, you simply have a sheet of pre-determined numbers. The bingo caller will then start to call out various numbers one after the other. The quickest person to mark down all of their numbers is then declared the winner – so long as they shout the appropriate term when they are finished!

The Rules of the Game

The rules of bingo are extremely simple. You will be given access to a sheet with a list of numbers of it, and each number has a chance of being called out by the bingo caller. They tend to use funny terms and phrases, too, so you might need to get used to things like a pair of 8s being called ‘two fat ladies’ and various other turns of phrase.

Regardless, the rules stay extremely simple. Someone calls out the numbers, and your job is to mark that number off of your sheet as you go. When you have emptied your sheet ahead of everyone else, when every number has been called, you need to call out and tell the caller. This is usually done with something like the word bingo itself, or even the word house.

It just depends on where you play; most bingo halls and websites will tell you. Online bingo can also be set up so that it automatically checks your numbers for you, so that you can set it up, start playing, and just watch the fun as opposed to worry about getting everything marked off fast.

Basically, you are waiting for all of your numbers to come up before someone else in the room. Yes, it really is this simple – but it also really is this fun!


Slots  Depending on where you play a slot machine (or slots), the rules can change entirely. It depends on if it is local or online, if it has a theme, if it comes with an in-game design, and if it comes with any bonus rounds. Typically, though, even the most advanced of slot machines come down to one thing: can you manage to pair up the symbols on the screen?

The Rules of the Game

The rules of the game are typically quite easy to follow along with, giving you a slot machine system that basically results in you trying to get matching symbols on paylines. The number of reels and the number of slots that you actually have to fill up, though, will change drastically.

For that reason, you should look to try and focus on trying to line up as many different lines as you can so that you have the same symbol on more than one line. Most modern games also come with subgames and smaller games that also come with bonus rounds, free spins, and various other add-ons that can make the whole thing even more enjoyable.

However, the rules of the game are quite simple for most slot machines; you need to try and line up as many paylines that have a matching symbol as is possible. This will result in a set payout depending on the maximum jackpot allowed, and also the quality and rarity of the symbol. For example, most classic fruit machines will have something like a trio of 7s to be worth a lot more than you would get it you could line up 3 lines of cherries!

Take a look at the rules of any slots machine you play, though, as many today include intricate and confusing sub-games and extra rounds that can be hard to play if you are not used to the style.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow  Often fun but a learning curve to those from a Western audience, games such as Pai gow can seem highly confusing at first. However, this 32-dominoes game is actually quite easy to play once you understand how the game actually works. As one of the most popular games in Asian casinos, though, Pai gow is very much worth learning the rules to.

The Rules of the Game

The rules of the game, then, is to bring up a pair of “ranking” hands. Playing with 32 dominoes and 11 of which are identical pairings, you will be expected to try and make two “ranking” hands with the use of four dominoes – two per hand. This is the “high” and “low” hand. To win, you must have a higher ranking in both hands than the bank is able to produce. The bank must have a higher ranking than the player for the player to lose. However, if both players win a hand each then you go to a “push” round that will then see each other play off against a third hand.

If the bank and player have the same ranking hand as one another again, though, and your highest ranking hand is used. If you both happen to have identical rankings in individual dominoes, though, then the banker will win. It’s quite confusing bat first but you will soon grow used to the games mannerisms.

Each hand offered by the bank must go counterclockwise, with the player to the right of the dealer acting first – in most other games, you start on the left. You don’t have to take the bank, though; you can refuse to play if you wish. A banking player, though, has to be able to cover all bets made by other players and must have played in the previous round that the dealer was acting as the banker.

It’s confusing, but a few quick rounds of Pai gow should help you soon understand the game.

5 Card Draw

5 Card Draw  With so many card games out there, it sure can be tough to keep up with all of the various rules out there today. It can become confusing, which is why many people tend to make their life less stressful by instead playing with the 5 Card Draw system. This is one of the easiest forms of poker out there that you could play, and should be the perfect starting place for most players.

While more common at home and in pubs than it is in a casino, 5-card draw is a classic that many older players will remember.

The Rules of the Game

The rules of 5 card draw are pretty basic; it follows the same kind of card setup as games like Texas Hold ‘em, with things like flushes, Full House, x-of-a-kind, pairs, and high cards. Basically, you will be given a set number of cards and you will also have a set of cards which are laid out on the table for all players to see. You then need to make up the best combination that you can using the cards on the table.

This might mean combining suits, faces, or number combinations to make something that can beat the other bettors. All players will typically pay an ante before they get their cards, or you will play with a small and big blind system where one player has to deposit X amount per round to the pot.

The rules are quite simple; you are given a card to start with, you are then given more cards, and cards are put on the table for everyone to use. You then go from player to player, giving each person the chance to make their own bet – usually based on the confidence they have with the cards present in their hand.

Take your time, play by the rules, and have fun – that’s the secret to 5 Card Draw. Oh, and find out what an Ace is valued at – each game is different!