Red Dog

Red Dog When looking at the various forms of casino game out there, one that might take your fancy is the intriguingly named Red Dog. This particular game has become highly popular among those who like games which are fun, fast-paced, and pretty easy to learn the rules to. Indeed, if you were to play Red Dog for even a couple of hours, you will probably get to know every little rule in the game!

The Rules of the Game

The object of the game is extremely simple – you want to have more chips than the other players come the end of the game. Cards are ranked in the same way they normally are, with Ace highest an a 2 the lowest card you can pull out. Chips are then given to players, and each player placed a chip in the middle of the table for the first pot.

The cards are then deal out, one at a time, face-up. The player with the highest value card is then the initial dealer. The dealer then hands out five cards, one at a time, all face down for each player starting with the nearest player on the left. The players, starting from the left, are then given the chance to bet on their cards strength via more chips. If you do not wish to bet, you forfeit a single chip into the pot anyway.

Once all bets are made, the dealer will take the card from the top of the pack and turn it over – the player who has a card of the same suit and of a higher rank will then take back the amount of their bet, as well as an equivalent out of the pot.

The next player then places a bet, another card is turned, and the procedure is followed until each player has played and either won or lost.

Big Six Wheel

Big Six Wheel If you are someone who enjoys a game of chance that comes with a pretty loaded edge to one side, then try out the Big Six Wheel. This game has become very popular as many people know it was the Wheel of Fortune, the popular game show. A large vertical wheel is going to be spun, and with this you are then looking for the wheel to land on the right section.

The Rules of the Game

So, the rules of the game can seem quite confusing if you are new to this kind of gaming experience. Typically, you will find that the wheel is going to be divided into various equal segments, and then each segment is given a number to be associated with. The wheel is then spun by the dealer and the person who is betting has to say what segment they believe that the wheel is going to land on.

There is a large pointer at the top, and whatever winds up being placed at the top within the pointer is going to be seen as the deciding number. This also works as a means to slow the wheel down, as the piece of rubber or leather will slowly but surely catch the wheel and begin to gradually slow the thing down.

The segment at the top is going to be the winning segment, so keep that in mind as you spin the wheel. You will be asked to choose a winning segment, the wheel is spun, and then you simply need to see what part of the board it is going to land upon.

This is a fun, thrilling little game that can lead to lots of big wins in the right circumstance. The main benefit of the Big Six Wheel, though, is the simplicity; choose a number, spin, and play!


Poker When it comes to playing card games, few games in the world are as popular as poker. Poker, though, does come in many forms. From Texas to Omaha Hold ‘em, poker is not a game that comes with one form and one form only. However, just about any kind of card game that involves the following factors is likely to be called poker:

  • Players are given X amount of cards as their own, with a set of cards on the ‘flop’.
  • Players are asked to make wagers/bets over the quality of the hand they have.
  • Cards are chosen on a set hierarchy, with certain cards and combinations beating others.

The Rules of the Game

However, outside of these three key rules, just about anything else can change. The size of the deck, the quality of the cards, whether cards are dealt face up or face down, or even the number of permitted players will change. Poker tends to be quite similar in terms of how it plays, with changes often involving how many cards each person has, the value of cards and suits, and various other smaller factors.

Typically, though, the main aim of any poker game is to have people place bets based on how good they think their hand is. Then, they face off against each other until everyone willing to play a hand has placed their final bet. Then, with an agreed pot, everyone turns over their cards. The person with the best hand relative to what is available will then be declared the winner of that hand, taking everything in the pot.

This is very important to note, as it can play a crucial role in making sure that you can truly enjoy the experience. Poker is a game of patience, strategy, and a little bit of lucky when it comes to your cards.


Keno If you like to play lottery-style gambling games that are a bit different in terms of their rules, then you might enjoy taking part in Keno. Keno has been around for a long time, with its history likely coming from China. It is a game that involves you placing a wager based on a number that ranges from 1 up to 80.

The Rules of the Game

To start off with, you are asked to make a wager that will take a number from 1 to 80. All of the players taking part will then choose their chosen figure, and then a series of 20 numbers are drawn entirely at random. This is usually done with a lottery machine or a random number generation tool. The player than has the chance to win so long as the number(s) that they have chosen are on the list of 20 which are pulled out of the bag.

The payout that you get will be determined almost entirely by the pay table that comes with the location that you are playing Keno at. Typically, you will be given a payout depending on the number of numbers that were chosen, and the number of matches that were available, as well as the wager that was placed in the first place.

Keno is pretty much in favour of the house, though, given that a large quantity of the numbers you can select are not actually present on the final count. Indeed, house edge can be anything from the average of 4% to a much higher 30% plus in some locations. As a non-slot game, though, the typical house edge is going to stick around 5%.

Given the simplicity and ease of play, though, Keno has many fans who enjoy how quick and easy it is to play a round of this highly popular game.