Baccarat  Looking for a game to play that is easy to easy to learn but hard to master? Then you might wish to give Baccarat a try. This particular game has become very popular with people who are looking for something a bit different to play. The rules are quite simple but they can seem confusing if you have never played the game before in the first place.

Like many other card-based games, it comes down to where you are playing as much as anything else. That has a pretty significant bearing on the rules that you are playing with.

The Rules of the Game

Typically, though, the rules of baccarat can be quite easy to get to grips with. A dealer will take two cards and place them face-up, with two cards per person – player and banker – handed out. Then, the hand which has the closest total to 9 is the victor – if you bet on the hand of the person who is closest to 9, then the winnings are double of what you placed in the original bet in the first place.

However, if either player or banker is given a total of eight or nine for their card, then both the player and the bank will stand. If your total as the player is five or less, though, then you will receive another card or you will stand. If somehow you manage to see one of the rare games where a tie takes place, and you have bet on a tie, then you will see a payout as high as 8-to-1.

It can be a hard game to follow at first, but so long as you realise that you are essentially gambling on someone getting a good hand you can start to understand why baccarat is so fun and so addictive for most casino gamers.

Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud  Like many other card games out there today, Seven Card Stud has a confusing name!

Instead of being involved around the process of using seven cards, you are using the best five-card combination that you can produce. The game is a proper classic of the genre, and easily one of the most popular card games out there.

The Rules of the Game

The rules start out with you having to try and create the best combination that you can, receiving two cards face down that only you can see. You are also going to have one card dealt face-up on the table. Once this happens, players are given their chance to place a bet, and each player will be given three more face-up cards and one more face-down card, with a betting interval after each round of cards is dealt out.

You keep placing bets based on what is coming out from the cards; can you make a good combination from the numbers, faces, and suits which are appearing?

Once everyone has had their chance to bet and tango with the other people at the table, you are then all asked to turn your cards. You then select five of the seven available cards as your accepted combination. You will need to separate the cards you wish to use from the other cards which are left, which are then discarded entirely. You cannot reclaim a discarded card, so make sure you are happy with the decision!

Hands change depending on where you are playing, but you should have no problem in working out that winning combinations often involve patterns. This includes things like numbers following one another in order; cards of the same number, suit, or face; and various other combinations that run logically to one another. Before any game of Seven Card Stud, you should look to work out what rules are in play regarding the value of any card or combination, as it can change from game to game.


Blackjack  When it comes to playing a card game, you might have heard of the extremely popular Blackjack. Blackjack has become a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a bit of fun with their card playing. It’s a game that is all about trying to get as high a number as you can below a certain threshold.

The Rules of the Game

The rules are simple – you play with one person and a dealer. The person has to try and draw cards out of the lot that could add up to a number, often 21. So long as you hit 21 or below, you have a chance of winning. You compete against the dealer, asking them to Stick – to keep the card you have and draw a card for themselves. Or, you could ask them to Twist, meaning they draw another card.

The total of all of your drawn cards are put together at this point. They will then be added up as you go, with the value determining where you stand. Then, so long as you are at or below 21 (or whatever the agreed number is for this game of blackjack), you can win.

You start off with two cards being drawn, face up or down depending on where you play. Then, the dealer is also dealt two cards – one up, one down. The value of the cards is then brought and combined, with face cards all worth 10. Aces can be worth either 1 or 11. If you draw an Ace and it being 11 would send you over the number, you are instead allowed to call it as a 1.

After a series of back and forth, you will compare scores. So long as your score is better than the dealers but does not exceed the set number, you win. However, if you both exceed 21, the player is the loser. So long as your final score outstrips the dealer without exceeding 21/the agreed number, though, you win!


Backgammon  While the game of backgammon can look surprisingly complex, you will soon realise that this old Mesopotamian game is nothing of the sort. It’s got an ancient history, so the rules are pretty simple – games from the past tend to be simplistic in the extreme. Backgammon, though, is a simple two-player game that involves the use of fifteen pieces that are moved around between a 24-set of triangular points depending on the role of a pair of dice.

The Rules of the Game

Backgammon has a pretty simple objective – you want to make sure that you are the first person to get all of your pieces off the table. This means moving all fifteen of your little pieces off the table before your opponent can do so. The way in which you move is determined by the roll of the dice, so it often depends on your luck as much as your ideas and strategy. With each roll of the dice, you are given the chance to move your characters, or try and place your checkers in a way that would block the movement of an opponent’s piece.

You have to decide if it’s better to make a mad dash for the exit or try and hold your foe up while you move to one of the exits. Backgammon can be tough to play at first as you need to learn about strategy and making sure you stop the opponent from moving off the table too quickly. This can mean taking the time to try and slow down your foe as opposed to trying to escape quicker than one another.

The game has a long history, and thus many strategies and ideologies exist around how to best play backgammon, so try and look into some viable strategies to play out so you can outsmart your foes!