Roulette As one of the most popular casino games in the world today, roulette is beloved by many due to the sheer simplicity of the game. You just need to pick a number and essentially hope that the little ball drops on the exact number (and colour) that you have chosen. A tiny white ball is placed onto the roulette wheel, and it is then spun to see if it can land on the number that you have called as the winner.

The Rules of the Game

The rules of the game really are quite simple – you sit with a dealer and together you agree a number, colour, or number and colour that you wish to place a wager on. The dealer then drops the ball onto the roulette wheel, spins it, and sees where the number will then fall. The ball is spun in one direction while the wheel is spun in another, creating a fightback that really helps to change how the ball winds up. Typically, you will have between 37 and 39 number slots for it to fall into. These are coloured and numbered, and you can usually pick from a red or a black version of the same number.

To determine the winning amount, you will have a set agreement for the wager on what you can win back depending on where the little ball lands. The winnings are paid out per round, too, so you can win big (and lose big) in a single round if you bet high enough.

That’s why if you want to try out a game like roulette, you need to be prepared to take a risk. It’s easy and simple to play, and you really do just need to hope that you have called the correct number. Simplicity is the key here, which is why roulette is such a commonly played and popular casino game!


GROSVENOR VICTORIA, LONDON Nicknamed ‘the Vic’, the iconic Grosvenor Victoria Casino, located in the heart of London city, is one of the busiest and oldest casinos in the UK.


A landmark on the streets of Victoria, the casino belongs to the UK-based Grosvenor chain of casinos. For the locals and tourists alike, the Vic represents the glory and charm of old London and its traditional ways of gaming. The casino became popular in the 60s and ever since then has been popular among gaming enthusiasts in the country. The Vic underwent a quick renovation in the early 2000 and expanded to add room more appealing games.


A contemporary casino with old-world charm, the Vic is regulated by the Gambling Commission of the UK and practices responsible gaming. The casino strictly restricts access to those below the age of 18 years.

Popular Games & Attractions

The round the clock casino is situated right beneath the legendary Poker Room, one of the largest and epochal poker rooms in Europe.

A perfect blend of refinement and elan, Vic’s gaming area has some of the popular traditional casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Dice. In addition to the classic ones, there are numerous other exciting table games like Punto Banco. The patrons of the casino can also try their luck at the many jackpot slot machines and electronic roulette.

The Poker Room is a fabulous setting that offers over 30 exclusive poker tables and daily cash games. It’s also the venue to GUKPT, one of the largest and prominent poker tournaments in Europe.

With a wide array of attractive entertainment options, the casino also lets you experience gaming on the open terrace with an incredible view of the London skyline. The Grosvenor Victoria casino also has a private club room in addition to an upscale dining lounge and a plush bar to complete the gaming experience.

A remarkable landmark in London, the casino hosts regular tournaments and poker events that are becoming increasingly popular. What’s more singular is that the Vic also conducts exclusive sessions for novice gamers apart from offering a complete casino experience without any frills.

One of the very few casinos in the UK that offer free memberships, the Vic is unmistakably the place to be to enjoy a night of impressive games.

Red Dog

Red Dog When looking at the various forms of casino game out there, one that might take your fancy is the intriguingly named Red Dog. This particular game has become highly popular among those who like games which are fun, fast-paced, and pretty easy to learn the rules to. Indeed, if you were to play Red Dog for even a couple of hours, you will probably get to know every little rule in the game!

The Rules of the Game

The object of the game is extremely simple – you want to have more chips than the other players come the end of the game. Cards are ranked in the same way they normally are, with Ace highest an a 2 the lowest card you can pull out. Chips are then given to players, and each player placed a chip in the middle of the table for the first pot.

The cards are then deal out, one at a time, face-up. The player with the highest value card is then the initial dealer. The dealer then hands out five cards, one at a time, all face down for each player starting with the nearest player on the left. The players, starting from the left, are then given the chance to bet on their cards strength via more chips. If you do not wish to bet, you forfeit a single chip into the pot anyway.

Once all bets are made, the dealer will take the card from the top of the pack and turn it over – the player who has a card of the same suit and of a higher rank will then take back the amount of their bet, as well as an equivalent out of the pot.

The next player then places a bet, another card is turned, and the procedure is followed until each player has played and either won or lost.