Baccarat  Looking for a game to play that is easy to easy to learn but hard to master? Then you might wish to give Baccarat a try. This particular game has become very popular with people who are looking for something a bit different to play. The rules are quite simple but they can seem confusing if you have never played the game before in the first place.

Like many other card-based games, it comes down to where you are playing as much as anything else. That has a pretty significant bearing on the rules that you are playing with.

The Rules of the Game

Typically, though, the rules of baccarat can be quite easy to get to grips with. A dealer will take two cards and place them face-up, with two cards per person – player and banker – handed out. Then, the hand which has the closest total to 9 is the victor – if you bet on the hand of the person who is closest to 9, then the winnings are double of what you placed in the original bet in the first place.

However, if either player or banker is given a total of eight or nine for their card, then both the player and the bank will stand. If your total as the player is five or less, though, then you will receive another card or you will stand. If somehow you manage to see one of the rare games where a tie takes place, and you have bet on a tie, then you will see a payout as high as 8-to-1.

It can be a hard game to follow at first, but so long as you realise that you are essentially gambling on someone getting a good hand you can start to understand why baccarat is so fun and so addictive for most casino gamers.


RIO CASINO RESORT, KLERKSDORP  One among the largest casinos in the Southern Hemisphere, the lively Rio Casino Resort is located in Klerksdorp, South Africa. Formerly known as Tusk Rio Casino Resort, the property with its vibrant theme and spirit resonates with its eponym Rio de Janeiro.


The predecessor Tusk Rio Casino Resort became operational in 2002 and was later acquired by Peermont Global and subsequently renamed as Rio Casino Resort. Peermont further developed the property to include a luxury hotel and convention center and also increased the number of games in the casino. Hence it’s no surprise that the carnival-themed entertainment pride of South Africa with a sprawling 266,330 square feet is the largest casino in Africa.

Restrictions & Dress Code

The 24×7 open casino with addictive gaming options practices and implements measures directed at responsible gaming. Promoting only recreational and low-risk gaming, the casino management provides awareness on identifying and managing gaming problems in their visitors.

A prominent entertainment hub in Africa, the casino does not mandate a specific dress code in their gaming arenas.

Popular Games & Attractions

A perfect place for fun-loving, globetrotting gaming enthusiasts, the colossal and contemporary Rio Casino Resort offers unending entertainment. World-class hospitality, effervescent atmosphere, and gourmet restaurants to experience the thrill and fun of the games, the behemoth casino is an impeccable escape.

The place where the party never ends, Rio Casino Resort, one among the largest in the world, represents celebration. With the thrilling addition of unique variants of classic games and American Roulette, what ups the ante is the exclusive Double Spin game. The casino also has myriad assortments of high-end slot machines to keep the action alive always and a distinct kid’s entertainment zone. Yet another noteworthy event at the casino is the Sunday poker tournament that is increasingly becoming popular.

Along with a highly rewarding loyalty program for the guests, Winners Circle, the casino, well frequented by illustrious patrons, offers luxurious private gaming rooms. Providing a superior gaming experience, the Salon Privé is an upscale lounge for the distinguished and the high rollers.

Rio Casino Resort with its carnival vibes and oomph beckons all who want an exhilarating entertainment experience complete with an opportunity to relish unique African cuisine. It offers all the excitement and frills of a deluxe casino resort, providing thrilling games, a delectable selection of high-end diners, ritzy bars, and luxury accommodation.


CROWN CASINO, MELBOURNE  The sprawling Crown casino and resort on the banks of river Yarra in Melbourne is truly a haven for connoisseurs of food, music, and theatre. With so many more fascinating and indulging options available in addition to gambling, the colossal Crown casino and entertainment complex is considered the largest casino complex in the Southern hemisphere.


Founded by businessman Llyod Williams, the Crown is now part of the Packer family that owns Australia’s largest gaming and entertainment conglomerate. The glamorous and plush casino opened its doors in the 90s, initially on the north bank of Yarra, and later moved to the lively South bank area where the striking skyscraper is one of the delightful and prominent landmarks.

With impeccable patronage and flawless hospitality, high-profile politicians and celebrities are frequent visitors of the casino and the encompassing multiple luxurious hotel towers.

Restrictions & Dress Code

Towering over the South bank, the only casino in Melbourne, the Crown is committed to the philosophy of responsible gaming. In their line of business, they practice and promote several gaming initiatives directed at ensuring that customers make responsible and rational decisions and have even set up a Responsible Gaming Centre.

The management strictly adheres to a minimum age policy, restricting entry to those below the age of 18 years, in their gaming arenas.

The impressive high-end waterfront casino that welcomes some of the most elite crowd from across the world has defined dress codes, requiring their visitors to be dressed in smart casuals at all times.

Popular Games & Attractions

The Crown casino has countless captivating table games for visitors to try their luck at and includes Caribbean Stud, Casino Wars, Craps, Poker, Pai Gow, Roulette to name a few, besides a unique range of fully automated virtual table games. With an exclusive and ritzy Poker Room and offerings of private Poker packages, it is the venue to the highly anticipated annual Australian Poker Championship, usually referred to as the Aussie Millions tournament, one among the richest poker events.

An idyllic spot for an extravagant getaway, the Crown casino is teeming with an exciting array of activities with the finest options for shopping, dining, spas, movies, bars, gaming, and enthralling events, all in the lap of supreme luxury. The dining selections deserve a special mention and will be spoilt for choices with the multitude of cuisines to explore.

One of the largest casinos in the world, this star attraction of Melbourne, the Crown is much more than a casino and guarantees an unparalleled and remarkable experience.


WYNN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA  Wynn Las Vegas, one of the largest five-star resorts in the world, unanimously called the Wynn is situated on the renowned Vegas Strip. A paradise in Paradise, Nevada, the towering Wynn is an opulent integrated resort that appeals to hedonists.


A flagship property of Wynn Resorts, the luxurious casino resort is named after the Vegas Mogul, Steve Wynn. One of the tallest buildings on the Strip, the Wynn became operational in 2005, built in the place of one of the oldest casinos in Vegas, the Desert Inn.

Restrictions & Dress Code

Las Vegas, the glamorous entertainment and resort city, does not allow anyone below the age of 21 years to engage in gambling. Hence, the Wynn management strictly adheres to this minimum age policy, admitting only those above the legal age.

The destination casino, a favorite among high-profile visitors, does not have a precise dress code, though some of the elite restaurants in the property mandate it.

Popular Games & Attractions

The expansive and ritzy Wynn casino is over 190,000 square feet and has some of the most exciting and exclusive table games. With two exclusive gaming floors offering a wide range of table games, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps are some of the most popular ones.

The casino, guaranteeing supreme entertainment, is packed with infinite state-of-the-art and trending slot machines and electronic video games. Some of the classic and popular slots here include Wheel of Fortune, Megabucks, Monopoly, Blazing 7’s, and Top Dollar.

With sleek private gaming rooms, the casino also employs highly skilled croupiers who have mastered the art of dishing out thrilling games. The Wynn Poker Room offers a superior and unique gaming experience, hosting cash games and regular tournaments.

The Wynn has always been a pioneer in introducing and improving ways to experience the pleasure of the game. Providing deluxe lounges, poolside gaming, exclusive venues for high rollers, world-class poker rooms, the casino leaves no stones unturned to offer unrivaled hospitality and gaming.

The five-star property that caters to some of the most elite patrons from across the globe has so much more to offer than just gaming. Flamboyant fine diners, plush bars, luxury shopping esplanades, indulgent spas, and exciting events at Wynn’s provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to the visitors.